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Books authored by our Director, John C. Kwasny. They are not on sale on our website, so follow the links below to purchase, or for more information.

Children's Ministry 101: A covenantal approach to Next-Generation Ministry. An essential guide for starting and growing your church's Children's Ministry. Great for training a Children's Ministry team. Purchase here or here.

Learn it. Love it. Live it. Teach it! A Daily Devotional through the Bible for Children (alone) or Families (together). Designed for children 8-13 years old, this 365-day devotional takes the reader through selected verses from Genesis to Revelation. It teaches children to have a daily quiet time and develop a love for God's Word. Each entry is approximately 500 words, and written in a way that is winsome and highly applicable to children. Can be read as a family as well. Purchase here or here.

Established in the Faith: 12 Conversations to Lead Your Child to Profess Faith in Christ. Written for parents to have conversations about Christ and Christianity with their children, as well as give their own testimony of faith. Perfect for use before or during a communicants or new member's class. Children need to learn about the faith from their parents! Purchase here or here.

Pursuing a Heart of Wisdom: Counseling Teenagers Biblically. Designed for youth ministry leaders or parents as a primer for counseling teenagers, using Biblical principles. The top fifteen problems experienced by teenagers are covered, as well as a basic process for counseling and discipling. Purchase here, here, or here.

Track Series: A Student's Guide to Depression. Written for high school and college students, this small book deals with the problem of depression through a Biblical lens. Perfect for youth ministry leaders to have on hand for their youth group students, or for college ministry leaders as well. Purchase here, here, or here.

Suffering in 3-D: Connecting the Church to Disease, Disability, and Disorder. A resource for church ministry leaders to think more deeply and Biblically on the subject of suffering. Seeing the local church as a hospital, family, and discipleship culture allows Christians to help and minister to those struggling with disease, disability, and disorder. Purchase here, here, or here.